Stuck at IPC endpoint opened - was fully synced before (plz help)

PlantDrPlantDr Member Posts: 122 ✭✭

So I haven previously FULLY synced Geth, but this morning I ran my EthereumWallet to sync before I went to school and it started syncing. When I came home I noticed I had 9,000 blocks left but the download had stopped, and I remembered I was only at 13,000 blocks to go this morning, so I know it should have finished. I stopped it and tried to run Geth to sync up but I kept getting stuck at "IPC endpoint opened". I then resynced my clock (which was already synced to perfectly) and then I removed my database (removedb) to start again (I've already done this plenty of times and my --fast speed gets it done in a couple of hours, so I wasn't worried. However, even after that (checking different VPN connections to see if it was my internet connection), disabled firewalls (even though I already had this fully synced 2 days ago), I am now stuck on "IPC endpoint opened"

Can anyone tell me what is going on? My miner is still mining fine, and everything else is working, but my EthereumWallet syncing


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