ASRock H97M Anniversary - 3 PCI Slots or 6?

MinerMan54MinerMan54 Member Posts: 11
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Im trying to build my first rig with the ASRock H97M motherboard.. I would like to use between 4-6 GPUs.

From the parts list I gathered from this website, the motherboard linked has 6 PCI slots.

The one with 6 slots is out of stock on Amazon.

The other H97M anniversary motherboard I'm finding has a total of 3 PCI slots.

Do I need the motherboard with 6 PCI slots or is there a way to get the one with 3 PCI slots to support 6 cards?

If I do indeed need the 6 PCI slot version, does anyone know where I can find one in stock?

Thanks.. Im a noob.
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