Why do pools offer work for multiple header hashes?

akvadrakoakvadrako Member Posts: 1
Hi. I'm just starting to get into Ethereum mining and am trying to understand better how the pools work. I see concurrent jobs submitted to my miner with different header hashes and equal seed hashes. Are these from uncles or other chains? If I use the getWork call on my own geth or parity node, I only ever see one header hash at a time.

For example, within a few seconds of each other I get all these RPC calls:

{"id":null,"method":"mining.notify","params":["1ae9", "3868abc5dcee23341dee7f75f1be7f90ca9904961fef9e0f102cedba1171408d", "27adedd8d386ef977cc58e551f0411e9d8e5fecc9686471ba32f5977c6dff553",false]} {"id":null,"method":"mining.notify","params":["1aea", "3868abc5dcee23341dee7f75f1be7f90ca9904961fef9e0f102cedba1171408d", "a8cbdae3f9e50920ba9c49fdcabb95145fdc750fd96d7636737360903055c1ff",false]} {"id":null,"method":"mining.notify","params":["1aeb", "3868abc5dcee23341dee7f75f1be7f90ca9904961fef9e0f102cedba1171408d", "ed1efee3af1253a32eef0596435037ded1fff789e735349987148858a4fd85a0",false]}
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