100 mBTC to the first person to post a up to date working ethereum tutorial

heliumcraftheliumcraft Member Posts: 28
I will give 100 mBTC to the first person to post a *fully working*, up to date step by step tutorial on ethereum that satisfies the following criteria:

- Ubuntu 14.04 (2 vms)
- cpp-ethereum server
- cpp-ethereum AlethZero client
- contracts using Serpent
- PoC 6 JS API

- connect to a local testnet
- using AlethZero to mine
- connect to the local testnet using AlethZero on a vm, and transfer ether to another AlethZero client running on another vm
- successfully create a currency contract with serpent (https://github.com/ethereum/serpent/blob/master/examples/subcurrency.se)
- working D-App using AlethZero, specifically the one illustrated at http://hidskes.com/blog/2014/05/21/ethereum-dapp-development-for-web-developers
—> create the contract using serpent
—> check sub currency value
—> send sub currency to another client
—> sub currency value should be updated on both clients after a transaction

That’s it!


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