GPU concerns (29 MH/s to 4 MH/s)

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Hello, I am relatively new and still setting things up but I recently had my RX580 Red Dragon 4G and RX580 MSI Armor 8G working together and hashing at ~28.5 a piece. Today I restarted my computer and my MSI dropped to only 4 MH/s when the Red Dragon is also working. If I just use the MSI it hashes at 29.5 MH/s, but my computer is pretty laggy (didn't happen before) and every time I try to fine tune the overclock it sounds like the fan shuts off and my screen flickers dark green for a bit and then the GPU continues. Is the a sign that my GPU is faulty or about to crash?

I am running Windows 10, on a Asrock Z170 OC Formula, using Claymore miner. Voltage undervolted by -50 core clock speeds at 1200 and memory clock at 2120

The card if drawing 86 Watts and mines at 62 degrees according to afterburner. It seems very low


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