GPU continues to get cooler and draws less power

PlantDrPlantDr Member Posts: 122 ✭✭
So I am more curious about this, but one of my GPU's MSI RX580 Armor OC 8GB (hynix) seems to continue to draw less power and runner cooler after restarting and starting mining again. I am still new and currently working in a test rig before I get my actual rig set up (so there is a lot of instances where I need to reboot, stop mining and start up again). However, the curious things is that at first my 580 Armor would pull around 120W and be at 72 degrees when I first flash it and overclocked it. Then after a couple reboots for other reasons the card started running at 104W and would coast around 69 degrees. It stayed at this for several more reboots, but now after I rebooted it last night and let it run over night it is now pulling 86W and is at 66 degrees. I haven't moved it around in the case and haven't changed the BIOS or the overclocking that I was using (underclock 90 volts, 1220 core / 2080 memory).

Has anyone experienced anything similar?
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