what are the differences between the PCie riser revisions?

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at this time, I see you can get PCIe x1 to x16 adapters in 3 different revisions. v006, v006C and now a v007 shows up.

I have noticed that the v006 has 3 capacitors while the v006C has 4; so better power regulation for the 6C? what does the v007 offer and is it worth it for new mining systems?


  • FriendlyFriendly CanuckistanMember Posts: 31
  • FriendlyFriendly CanuckistanMember Posts: 31
    nobody knows? odd... :(
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    no, its really a simple understanding of the PCIe spec
    006c risers use PCIe 6-Pin inputs, which only supply 12 volts, so it needs more circuitry and components to regulate and clean the conversion process from 12v to 3.3v, as opposed to a 5v to 3.3v conversion on any other power source
    007s risers are SATA powered
    all the molex revisions are just manufacturing changes and depending on the manufacturer maybe some component selection changes
    I still use version 001 molex risers and they are no less stable than my 004, 006, 006c, or 007s risers
    more capacitors isn't always good
    capacitors really hit your efficiency, and if your power supply is not a big pile of shit then you should be fine
    I only mine with and recommend Corsair RMi, RMx, HXi, and AXi PSUs, and I mostly use EVGA G2, P2, T2, and GQ lines (G3 is good too, I just don't have any)
    maybe some thermaltake PSUs are good too
    your power supply should have big banks of capacitors, and your cards should also have enough caps on it to suppress voltage spikes and dips
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    I've got EVGA SuperNova 850w G3's and 650w G3's.
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