best motherboard for 6 or 7 GPU?

FriendlyFriendly CanuckistanMember Posts: 31
I've got an older Asrock Z87 Fatality Killer I'm going to launch, which has three x16 and four should run the seven 1070's I just ordered.

I want to get a second system up as fast as I can, but don't know what mobo's are best or most affordable for 6 or 7 GPU. so I'm looking for suggestions?

thanks all :)


  • iamnoobplzhelpiamnoobplzhelp Member Posts: 239 ✭✭
    There isn't a "best" motherboard. I would play it safe, and only buy mobos that are confirmed to work with that many cards.

    For example, the Asus Z270P or Z270A is confirmed to work with 8 cards in Windows and 9 in Linux using M.2 to PCIe adapters OR 1x PCIe to 3x PCIe splitter.

  • FriendlyFriendly CanuckistanMember Posts: 31
    thanks noob! by asking about best, I left it open to would be exactly what you just shared, those two Asus mobo's being confirmed to support up to 8 or 9 GPU.
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