iPhone and iWatch Ethereum app

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I posted this also under other implementation https://forum.ethereum.org/discussion/1351/anyone-interested-to-make-the-iphone-and-iwatch-ethereum-app#latest Post it here too to reach out to more people.

I am looking for people interested to build the iPhone and iWatch Ethereum app. Please contact me, if you share this interest.


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    PS would be great to know about Apple developers in this group. Maybe we can exchange contact info. I made a Google Sheet for this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qofNrCwtJwycd5vd0FJWHWiHxGV1ow8sh9PP5j8FWXQ/edit#gid=0
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    No xpost here, redundant post removed.
    As for discussing projects, we have the http://forum.ethereum.org/categories/projects section, which you can link GH repos from. I would advise against starting a 3rd party list (there's about 38308130 abandoned ones out there already, which is frustrating to the community).
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    Ok - thanks for the clarification.
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    hey gerd, requested permission to your spreadsheet, reading gav's code for weeks, and although gav's style is a bit different than mine, i like his code very much, although it is a bit obfuscated at places. probably because he is one really smart dude :)
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    @Stephan_Tual‌ I totally agree with you in respect to GH. Thus I have made this repos on GH for this project http://bit.ly/1pfxovB
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    @exquisitus‌ looking forward to discuss with you. I have also generated an xCode project from Gav awesome C++ implementation and studying for the moment the code. BTW I use OSX server, great for team work.
    What about a hangout on G+ to discuss?
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    Who has interest to help with the development of the user interface?
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    *Appels WatchKit one of the missing bricks now in place*

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    *My personal thoughts on the Apple Watch*

    - the next big thing, a repetition of the iPod story, as a very preliminary guess

    Moreover, I guess, as before, a lot of people had worked in the area (I still remember all the mp3 players pre iPod), but than an execution that push everybody out of the market. I think the watch will be a huge success and kill part of the traditional watch industry and competitors in wearable electronics.

    Furthermore, Apple will take a major cut from payment transactions (although, they might get overrun for the first time for long by the technological development - ref Bitcoin - Apple has not got this point properly and they beg on the wrong horse - money transfer with a middle man has to many disadvantages: security, takes far to long time - e.g. Visa takes a week for the merchant to get the transaction really confirmed, to high transaction cost ..... the block chain brings so much ease ; Apple should have a better look at apps they have on their own app store - like bread wallet you can find the code here: https://github.com/voisine/breadwallet) In any case for the near future Apple will make a lot of money with their new payment system and the watch will make it very easy to use.

    In general, it is still difficult to really judge the watch. I did not have any in my hands and I did not study WatchKit, which is not common accessible to all Apple developers. Just a very few people from few companies like e.g. FB got access under non disclosure agreement. The real capability will be first revealed by studying the WatchKit.

    I think what the Watch will make great are all the apps developers will come up with after the technology is made accessible to everybody.

    For the moment we got a demo of some of the basic functionality - only a glimpse as Tim said in the keynote. There is more not revealed functionality e.g.of the 4 sensors on the back.

    The Watch looks like an awesome platform. One think I am wondering is battery life. Will the Watch make it through the day. What about 24/7 trackers? In any case I am really looking forward to develop for the Watch.

    My personal Watch project:

    I am researching https://www.ethereum.org as this might be a great concept to build the decentralized company structure for my startup http://www.cytocomp.com/CytoComp/CytoComp_-_a_revolutionary_biological_computer.html and the secure P2P sharing for sensitive data (such as DNA sequencing data).

    To get really deep into this, I am exploring this project:

    ADS: An easy to use Ethereum (smart contracts wo a 3rd party) iPhone and Apple Watch implementation for the general public.


    What do you think @exquisitus‌ ?
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    Can you do me a favor and fill out this survey.


    It would also be great to send to your friends

    Thanks so much in advance.

    Have a great weekend.

    Best Gerd
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