how to issue bonds on ether?

Hi , so I have some questions for you my dear colleagues )
hope you can help

1. We are running a business, which requires a float to operate.
2. Our float is XXX amount of USD
3. This float yields a annual revenue of a XXX amount of USD
4. This float costs us %XX annually to maintain
5. We want to decrease the %XX of our maintenance cost
6. This will increase our revenues from 1. A smaller float maintenance cost to 2. Larger float.
7. We are looking to give away interest on capital ( float ) from 10% for two years.
8. this means that for two years, whatever money i get from people, i will give them a 10 % return + they money back at the end of the period.

I am thinking to sell bonds, or to do an ICO on the ethereum platform, but not sure on which platform to do it.
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