Is it safe to use riser v007 with sata power ?

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Is it firesafe to use sata powered riser v007's since they are only powered by sata and no molex/6pin powered ones exist im kinda trusting that they can run without burning. But i rather asking if anyone tried it and confirmed.

If your answer is yes how safe looking is this ? Considering GPUs will not draw more than 130W and they have 8pin powers on them


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    PCIe spec says that at startup 25W is max and can request up to 75w from the actual slot. This is why most high powered GPU's have to have additional PCIe power which will still be required when using these types of risers. SATA connections carry 3 +12v pins at 1.5A which is a total of 54W so not quite the 75W that PCIe allows. The entire SATA connection with the various other voltages that is carried along SATA though allows up to 13.5A in total which is 162W. So there is no risk of the wire melting or the plastic connector, but the +12v pins themselves are under spec for drawing 75W.

    Now it's probably GPU dependant on if they decide to draw the full 75W from the slot vs using the extra PCIe connector, so that I'm afraid I cannot answer

    What I can say is I am using the SATA type ones without problem on Nvida 1060 GTX
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    If you can use one cable per riser it will be perfect, the cable setup like your picture may heat considerably your cable, your riser and your gpu.

    Try to collect temperature between :
    setup 1 - linked cable (3 risers per cable)
    setup 2 - one riser per cable
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    With 3 Riser to SATA cable, the cable very very glows !!!! NEVER DO THIS !!!!

    i got full 75W @ ASUS 1070 GTX OC

    Maximum 2 risers to a SATA cable ~ the yellow cable accepts a brown color partially, But my rigs run without problems.

    Nevertheless, I would like risers with 6Pin!
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