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What's the hashrate for mining ethereum with it and since SCC means super superclocked can you overclock it even more ?


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    EVGA SC and SSC have the same clock speeds. The SSC does use a single 8-pin versus the single 6-pin power connector that the SC uses. I suppose you might be able to achieve a slightly higher core clock because of that, but mining ETH benefits more from higher memory clock than it does core clock, and the SSC has the same memory clock as every other GTX 1060 (besides the newer 9Gbps models).

    You can expect the same hashrate as most other 1060 cards, 22-23MH/s with heavily overclocked memory. Maybe 24MH/s if you really push it, but I doubt it'd be stable.
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    I have 6 x gtx 1060 ssc 6gb, running with Claymore in Ubuntu. Claymore continually reports hashrate a of 8-9 MH/s per card without OC and 11 MH/s with OC. Seems like it is exactly half of what it should be. Occasionally it will spike on startup to 19 (no OC) or 22 (with OC). What am I missing (besides half my hashrate)? Anyone else see this before? Probably some simple setting I have wrong but I can't seem to get it to perform at the rates everyone is is getting.
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