Confused on Custom Altcoin Currency Value - Developer Starting Out

So guys I created 100,000,000 coins in Ethereum wallet, and used 8 decimals places which from my understanding means that the smallest unit can be valued at the 8th decimal place. The total coins I have shown however are 0.99998800 (I moved a little to another account). My question is why is it showing the value right of the decimal place instead of left of the decimal place as whole units. I know this sounds like a completely Newb question but I'm extremely confused by this. I currently own around 5 different crytocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and siacoin so I understand most of the concepts. I just don't understand how these units translate initially, and if they gain value as they are purchased on exchanges. When I create currency with 0 decimals I was able to see all units as whole numbers, but couldn't break the currency down lower than 1.00 to say 0.01. I've looked for many tutorials that would explain this but have found none. I'm a developer just starting out so any help is appreciated.
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