Question regarding wallet - pls help!

Hello everybody,
first of all my apologies if such question has been answered before but I couldn't find it :/.

Anyways I have downloaded ethereum wallet MIST (V 0.8.10) for windows (x64). I Installed it, run it, and created a wallet so that I can transfer ethereum to it.
I went to bitpanda and bought some etherums and send them to address that mist wallet has gave me. That was few days ago when I didn't know much about all of these procedures when it comes to criptocurrency.

The problem is next: I didn't receive ethereums that I bought to my wallet.
Bitpanda can't do anything here, they said that they send me the etherums and that I must resolve problem on my end.

What I didn't know is that I must register a wallet contract on MIST wallet. I bought ether before creating this wallet contract (i did create a wallet address/account but did not registered a wallet contract). Now when I try to register this wallet contract it says "exceeds block gas limits".

Now the additional thing is that I didn't know back then is that I need to synchronize the wallet (blockchains, nodes or whatever is it called). This sync process is problem number two as it takes days for this synchronization to finish. I'm near end but it is incredibly slow and there is nothing I can do about it (tried restarting it once by deleting the "chaindata" folder but that did not help). I have to wait for sync to complete. With this rate it will be couple of more days because the closer it gets to the end the slower it gets :/

I'm guessing I cannot create a wallet contract until this sync is finished completely. Is that the case?
Do you think I will be able to get this etherums i bought on bitpanda once the sync is done and once the wallet contract is made?

Thanks and kind regards,

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