PoW and PoS Direction for a miner

To the point:

Are we now in a race to update our rigs (or completely buy new ones) to mine as much Ethereum and save them for when PoS becomes forked?

With PoW, as we now ,the better rigs have more potential to be rewarded with Ether. In other words, the more expensive and complex rigs have better chances at finding the block and getting rewarded.

With PoS, your amount of ether coins will back you as a real Forger (not miner) and you will only need "simple" hardware to mine only the percentage of Ether in the network getting paid Forging fees (5-10%) of your Stake.


Do we race to get as many Ether coins as we can to cash in on a (x% fee * 0.XXX% stake)? Or we think after PoS is forked we stop mining all together?


  • Gurpreet1806Gurpreet1806 Member Posts: 24
    I heard in PoS, minimum 1000 Ether has to be kept/deposited to be a validator. If you have more than 1000 Ether, you are good. If not, after PoS, either stop mining/sell of the rig OR mine a different coin.
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