Blockchains diverging on a local network?


I'm running 5 nodes locally as a network, which works fine for a little while, but then the blockchains start to diverge and differ. Is this a known issue, or is my setup wrong? Here's my setup:

* 5 local nodes (node1-node5). All running 'eth' client (cpp binary built from dev branch).
* node2-node5 connect to node1.
* a single namecoin-like contract that can store a given key in the contract's storage (e.g,[name] = 1).

Normally, when I store a in the contract's storage, I can then call 'storage_at(contact, name)' and get the stored value. However, occasionally, this call would return 0 on all nodes except from the node that originally initiated this transaction.

TL;DR: Some changes to a contract's storage don't propagate through the network, and are only available in the initiating node's DB.

I'm guessing that my nodes aren't sharing their blockchain properly. Maybe my network topology needs to be different, or is this a bug?
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