Private and Main Network Token Integration/Exchange

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I am brand new to the forum and just about as new to Ethereum. I did read the "Cleaning Up This Forum... NEW MEMBERS, PLEASE READ." thread. I can say that although there was a similar question asked, it was never answered (nor have I heard back from the original poster) and I am very curious to know if it is feasible to accomplish what I'm looking to do with both a private network and the main Ethereum network.

Essentially, I'm looking to have a private network with numerous tokens created on it. All tokens would be equal to the value of one "master token" which would be created and registered on the main network. So, in other words, the private network would have tokens TOKEN1, TOKEN2, TOKEN3.. TOKEN500, TOKEN501, etc. created and actively being sent/received within the private network only. The main network would have one created/registered token, MASTERTOKEN1, which could be purchased with real Ether. You would then be able to exchange one MASTERTOKEN1 from the main network for 50 TOKEN2s, or 2 TOKEN500s on the private network.

Is this possible?
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