Node directory doesn't exist in Frameworks?

Hello, I've been attempting to sync the blockchain for about 20 days straight and got to 2,300,000 out of 3,700,000 before it became stuck. After researching I found that if you run geth from command line it goes faster.

I'm trying to run geth but having an issue:
[10:26] Pats-MacBook-Pro:~ Pat$ cd /Applications/
Pats-MacBook-Pro:geth Pat$ geth --fast --cache=1024
-bash: geth: command not found

Any idea why I'm getting -bash: geth: command not found? How do I resolve this?

Also, another issue potentially related: I was running an older version of the app titled "Ethereum-Wallet". 20 days ago before syncing I updated to the latest app, but this app was titled "Ethereum Wallet" (with no -). So now I have 2 apps for Ethereum on the computer.

If I view the package contents of the latest "Etherem Wallet" app, in the /Applications/Ethereum there is no /node directory like there is in the older app. Without the node directory, how can I run geth?

So in short, 2 questions:
1) Why am i getting -bash: geth: command not found when trying to run it from the old app directory?
2) Why does /node not exist in the latest app's Frameworks folder?

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
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