How to transfer ETH with crypted private key + password

antoncretuantoncretu Member Posts: 12
- I have created a paper wallet with crypted private key + password here:
- I transferred 1 ETH into this wallet.
- And before adding more, I am trying to use it the other way (transfer ETH from here)
For ex. here:
they have only: keystore file (I don't have one); private key (I only have crypted); some phrases...
- Nowhere I could find how to enter the crypted private key + password to make a payment.
- I am reading about another way (install some CoinBase on mobile, and when make payments, scan the private key QR code
But very strange, to have a crypted key and password and not able to use it?
Thank you!


  • CCobCCob Member Posts: 24
    Does you paper wallet have a QR code on it or similar?
  • antoncretuantoncretu Member Posts: 12
    Yes, I have a QR code. I installed Coinbase but unfortunately they don't have anymore Import Wallet. I am searching another app where I can import my wallet paper by scanning the QR code.
    On another side, I am at least confused, if not more, that this site generated a crypted private key that I cannot use. They have there an Import Wallet:
    , but when I am entering my crypted private key (either manually or from file) followed by password and hit Unlock, the resulted private key is wrong! (with some invalid characters like üFt¨v!oœÓ¹«›)
  • CCobCCob Member Posts: 24
    It seems the import wallet on ryepdx is looking for an image as opposed to scanning like you would with a mobile phone. Is you paper wallet actually printed on paper or do you have a digital copy of it?
  • antoncretuantoncretu Member Posts: 12
    I tried until now Import Wallet with Load File or manually entered crypted private key, not working.
    I see they have another button Use QR photo, which is also confusing. My wallet is printed on paper (public & private key codes & others), who knows in what format they want this photo (only of private key QR code I suppose)...if this works at all
  • CCobCCob Member Posts: 24
    Easiest thing to do will be to take photo of the QR code with you camera phone or similar. Then copy the JPG from you camera phone to your desktop and upload it from there to ryepdx import wallet feature. Once you have done that my guess is that it will unwrap the encrypted private key for you to then import into myetherwallet.
  • antoncretuantoncretu Member Posts: 12
    Yes, I was thinking of that too, I'll try it, although I don't have many hopes :(
    The fact that the crypted private key was decrypted with wrong characters is suspicious...
    Strange that this site was the first on Google Search for something like "ETH Paper Wallet".
  • antoncretuantoncretu Member Posts: 12
    It does not work either with a jpg of QR code, the button Use QR Photo does not do anything, who knows if this is the format...I am afraid this site is a scam.
    I'll still try to find out a mobile application with Import Wallet by scanning the QR code with phone.
  • CCobCCob Member Posts: 24
    I've just had a look a generating one myself from that site. The private key is also written on it. If the QR code is not working you could try to meticulously type the private key out from the paper print out into myetherwallet.
  • antoncretuantoncretu Member Posts: 12
    Yes, I know, only that I checked "Crypted" when I generated it, and I don't have the private key...only the crypted private key + QR code. It didn't cross my mind that I cannot unwrap it, nor I can use the QR, I am too naive
  • CCobCCob Member Posts: 24
    Ah I see now, you selected encrypt private key when you generated the wallet? In which case the QR will be an encrypted version of the private key so you maybe sunk if the password you used to encrypt it is not working
  • antoncretuantoncretu Member Posts: 12
    Yes, I selected "Encrypt private key"...I have this encrypted private key printed and in a text file, but it didn't work (and I'm positive that's not because of the password, I know the password). Regarding the QR code...maybe I could find a mobile app where I can scan it to import it, but even if I will find it, I am not at all sure this site decryption will work. I saw in Copay they are doing this (but only BTC, not ETH), they scan with mobile the QR code + they enter password used n for generation.
  • CCobCCob Member Posts: 24
    I've just tested it myself. The QR code data with an encrypted wallet is the same encrypted private key so you are sunk unless you can get the password to work. I tried by generating my own encrypted wallet with a simple password of 'password' and it seemed to work.
  • antoncretuantoncretu Member Posts: 12
    edited June 2017
    Yes, I've a tested a new one, downloaded the file with encrypted key, then in Import Wallet that file works.
    I don't know why the other one does not work...
    I did something different, I hadn't downloaded file, but I had created a new text file where I had pasted the encrypted private key (I thought the file name is not important, like on MyEtherWallet). Then, after seeing it does not work, I saw their downloaded files have Public Key as file name, so I changed mine the same, but still didn't work.
  • antoncretuantoncretu Member Posts: 12
    The password seems good, because I see if I enter a wrong password, it doesn't do anything, if I enter my password, it gives me back that private key with wrong characters.
  • antoncretuantoncretu Member Posts: 12
    I finally got it, I scanned the encrypted private key QR code with QR Scanner and paste the result to that text file, and it worked in Import...probably something in the result was different than what I had copy-pasted when generating it, although they seem the same...
    Thank you, anyway
  • CCobCCob Member Posts: 24
    Glad you got it sorted, that's one ETH saved.
  • Gord2uGord2u Member Posts: 2
    Everyone counts.
  • antoncretuantoncretu Member Posts: 12
    I don't know what kind of image, it didn't work for me, but I solved it by scanning the encrypted QR code with QR Scanner
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