PoS vs PoW for Ethereum

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I made an attempt to get a huge feedback from the community's active members on this question, but my Poll was flawed as it was "leading" so I will try again.

previous poll: http://forum.ethereum.org/discussion/comment/5740/#Comment_5740

PoS vs PoW for Ethereum 21 votes

PoS, proof of stake (100%)
blackv0idHappyGeorgePapillonNurAzhararandymodul 6 votes
PoW, proof of work (100%)
awrellllabethereumpablo4345IanDixonrodrigofrncdont12skweeky 7 votes
PoW/PoS combination (please explain your answer)
StephanTual21xhipstereaglgenes101ethusrJoshuaJBerkMarioFortierAtomrigsDiggingD33p 8 votes


  • avsaavsa Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
    This isn't an issue that can be decided in any good measure by vote. It's a matter of technical merits and the right incentives, so I'll just wait out to see what people with more technical knowledge have to say.
  • ethusrethusr Member Posts: 1
    PoW/PoS combination (please explain your answer)
    Do not allow mining centralization to happen, and FPGA/ASIC. If possible prevent GPU mining.
  • HappyGeorgeHappyGeorge Member Posts: 14
    PoS, proof of stake (100%)
    avsa, you are right, though I think "community sentiment" could be used to guide development. For example, if we had a 1000 votes for 100% PoS, against a handful of PoW or a combination, then obviously, developers couldn't be blind to that "sentiment" of the community.

    Seeing that there were a few votes, and that this community is probably highly technical, I think you are right, and the issue comes down to "technical merit"

    obviously, I'm one of the stary-eyed PoS believers, hoping that we can have a safe, reliable, and functional system with minimal extra use of resources beyond what is absolutely necessary.
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    PoW/PoS combination (please explain your answer)
    PoW tends to become relatively centralized, but it's impossible to fake or duplicate. PoS is more distributed, but it can be duplicated rather easily. I suspect that a PoW/PoS combo will do it: PoW to harden the currency base and make it hard to forge from the root, PoS to interconnect the mined blocks to make it hard to forge a branch and prevent the PoWer from getting too much leverage in the currency.
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