How do I move from one motherboard to many?

blueasholicblueasholic Member Posts: 2
I understand setting up multiple GPUs on a single mother board to create a mining rig. I don't understand how more motherboards are then added to the setup. I saw this video .

At 0:26-0:35, he mentions that he just has to connect and power on the new rig and it mines automatically. He says its a headless server. So what are the things that I need to do to move from one motherboard to more? Can some one help on what hardware is needed(router?) ? What I need to learn?


  • FriendlyFriendly CanuckistanMember Posts: 31
    each system will require it's own operating system, they mentioned Linux. then you can control/maintain each system with a keyboard/mouse and monitor.

    depending on how many systems you have running, you can move the monitor/keyboard/mouse around, which would be cost effective, but a hassle/annoyance. in a case like that, you could then go over to getting devices called KVM's, which allow you to connect multiple systems to a single keyboard/mouse and monitor. the most common one's are good for two systems, but you can get one's that can handle 4, 8, 16 and fact, you can get one's that are stackable, so break out to 32, 65 and more. these stackable or multi-client KVM's aren't exactly cheap, but you may find inexpensive options on the likes of eBay. :)
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