MOE Farms as an ICO, what are your thoughts?

MOE Farms as an ICO, what are your thoughts?

The MOE Farms® business model is complex with a lot of moving parts; however, at its essence, it is a farm of farms; food farm, feed farm, server farm, fuel farm, energy farm... The synergies and cross-pollinations among the profit centers and the incremental margin contributions from effective vertical and horizontal integration of the entire transaction chain cycle, from raw materials to finished retail packaged specialty products, creates the ‘Stacked Margin Effect’, the hallmark of an Apex Class Competitor.

The MOE Farms® business model effectively and efficiently addresses a homogeneous, pervasive and systemic problem, affecting highly motivated and affluent customer groups and end users, with a smart, healthy, connected and elegant solution. Durable, high-margin competitive advantages, unassailable proprietaries, authentic and unique marketing messages, and branding collateral.

Unique to the Data Caster Labs (data center) design is the repurposing of CO2 produced as a byproduct of power generation along with data center waste heat, producing renewable Bio-Diesel back to E Q Power, in-turn providing electricity to data center operations. CO2 is also incorporated into a proprietary data center cooling system, creating the first commercially viable and scalable, grid independent, sub-zero emissions, GHG mitigated, carbon negative, ecologically balanced, closed loop data center eco-system with high-speed data transmission.

Beyond Organics is not some clever marketing gimmick, it is an unquestionably authentic restoration of the symbiotic relationship between healthy soil and the vitality of our food, simply put, “life is in the soil, death in the dirt”. Integrity through vertical integration, old-school Agra-science and intelligent technologies in synchronicity with mother nature.

Better than gold; as it has a yield & it produces what you will be trading that coin (assuming you have electricity and internet) gold & silver for (food, water, electricity, fuel, security, etc.) if/when the SHTF. This is what a real SHTF plan looks, smells, feels & tastes like.

P.S. We believe this has the ultimate network effect on many levels and from many angles, plus it is backed by hard assets. What say ye?

We have a helicopter flyover of the property at this vimeo link - also on the multimedia page of the MOE Farms website.

We have $7,500,000 in design, engineering, development and other proprietaries that will be left in as founders skin in the game. We expect our profit to be based solely on the performance of the project.

You may find what we are doing of interest.
Lloyd Wallace
MOE Farms
Knox County, Texas, USA
(940) 256-4318
[email protected]
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