Snowbitt adware hits Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac

Hello! Just recently I have cought some adware 'snowbitt' on my Mac and it really made me nervous. So it seems to be massive tкend, there is what I've found about the issue:
Mac users are being targeted by a new malware specimen that turns their customary online surfing paradigm upside down. In the aftermath of said hoax, web page is visited in a recurrent fashion instead of one’s preferred defaults. These distressing redirects occur due to the impact of a misbehaving app that grips the presets of Safari, as well as Mac editions of Chrome and Firefox, in its paws. Most of the users who fall victim to this baddie are at their wit’s end trying to figure out how come it managed to circumvent their authorization. The clue to solving this puzzle has to do with conventional malware distribution practices, which tend to be nearly the same for Mac and Windows platforms.
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