Incentive DAC for open source projects

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There are a lot of potential projects that do some socially good activity, but are not very "cool" and do not generate buzz, in other words, developers have a hard time justifying working on them for free, but would very likely work on it for pay.

I propose a generalized DAC template that creates incentives, and uses a rating system to rate a participants performance, that is specifically oriented toward open source projects that cannot incentiveize on reputation alone. This general template would then provide a vehicle for DACs to attract developers to projects with more real world applicability (garbage sorting robots, pothole repair systems, sewage management, water filtration, environment quality monitoring) - you see where I'm headed with this....

Having a general application template would then open up the concept to a broad range of projects and ease a new projects entry into the world of DACs (or an older projects adoption of the concept) rather than re-inventing the DAC for each specific case.


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