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I’ve noticed a few posts about finding materials on how to learn to write smart contracts. I relate to a lot of these situations as I was in the exact situation. I found it hard to find a good collection of resources for an aspiring ethereum developer. I know there are the docs, but I found the lack of courses or well-presented materials dishearting.

I’m curious am I the only one or are there others like me?

Are you an Aspiring Solidity Programmer? If you are, please comment. What was your first project and what tools did you use?


  • coochiepowercoochiepower Posts: 4Member
    If you know someone looking for Ethereum Solidity experience, we're looking for teammates.

    We're building a blockchain with multi signature options platform on the Ethereum blockchain with Solidity by a small team with 2-3 backend developers, one web developer.

    We’re utilizing the blockchain for life & death matters. Video conference call tomorrow Saturday July 29th @9am to discuss the project.

    Please let me know if you're interested in conference call information.

    Thanks for your time.
  • cvethmooncvethmoon Posts: 19Member
    I started out as an investor, miner, now I want the trifecta, and I am working on becoming a developer as well. I want to be familiar and proficient in Solidity by this time next year. Consensys 10 weeks course will be on my radar for sure! There are many books out there too that have recently sprang up. The Official docs are out there too. I honestly don't feel you have to push yourself to find the materials, they are out there. You just have to be motivated to find them, DIGEST them, LEARN them, UNDERSTAND them. They may not be holding your hand when it comes to teaching, you need to add more effort and time on your part in order to grasp this and ask questions to the experienced programmers.

    Looking forward to learning Solidity.
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