ethOS Custom Web Stats Panel

rachetaracheta Member Posts: 20

ethOS Web Panel

After long I am starting on the ethos web panel. This discussion is for the suggestions and feedback as well as development progress for this just starting project. I will need a few miners to test start testing this, anyone interested can send me a message or post here.
Few things that must be decided prior to making front end of the website:
Should the panel be publicly visible like or be private like login restricted?
I want the panel to be simple and show only minimal data required i.e. hash, coin, rigname, temperature, no of gpus, uptime; if required all data can be showed on a different page showing detailed rig details.

Development Progress:
Setup Server
Client side scripts
Server data receiving Backend
Website Frontend

If you got any suggestions or ideas for this, I am open to any & all of it.


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