Mining Rig dies after 48 hours, happened twice in a row (screenshots)

pitt23pitt23 Member Posts: 20

My Mining rig turns off after 48 hours of mining (its happened twice in a row). It runs perfectly, very efficiently and consistent, but then dies after 48 hours.
You can see how it happened through my pool..

Then i rebooted, claymore loaded but hanged on this screen...

I then reboot but now, it is just a mess and i get screens like this...

When I load the computer with no GPU's plugged in and use mb's DVI out, it works fine. even if i just use 1 GPU, so its obviously a GPU issue, but to work perfectly for 48 hours and then die, twice, i find a little strange. Anyone got any ideas what this could be and how to resolve it please?

System spec:

Using MSI Z170A Gaming M5 ATX Motherboard -with Radeon RX480 8GB GPU's, 4 of them plugged in.

Please help :(


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