"INTO GENESIS" - Oil painting Auction

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Hi fellas :)
Some of you may know me from the worlds 1st decentralized oil painting asset called "NXTdrop" http://nxtdrop.blogspot.fi/

Now, please let me introduce my latest project:

I would like to auction my latest oil painting called "INTO GENESIS" to raise the awareness of the Ethereum platform and 2nd generation crypto´s in general. I believe these will spawn new technical innovations.

My absolute dream would be, that this very painting could actually be there with the Ethereum-team to witness the birth of Ether blockchain!

In this historical moment, if it´s OK with the team, they could even grab a photo with the painting and write their signatures in the frame.
Then the painting would be deliver to its rightful owner - The winner of this auction. ( I need escrow help, please team :)

13(height) x 23 (width) inches
Oil on birch panel, wooden frame.

Goals of the auction:
1. Raise awareness of Ethereum-project.
2. Collect some "Ether-fuel" to my art ventures to come.
3. Have fun!

Rules of the auction:
1. Bid only with the Ether you possess. (No BTC, NXT or any other currency allowed)
2. Auction will end the very moment as the Ether IPO. https://www.ethereum.org/
3. Have fun!

This might also actually be the the first publicly settled Ether transaction and historical in that way too.

Please bid at any increment you see fit.
Thank you very much!



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