ethreum contract

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Hello guys!

Can someone please explain to me what does this contract is referring to?for what does he use? what is his purpose? i little bit information?

Thank you!


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    @danielgold20 Are you talking about a specific contract or smart contracts in general? If a specific contract, please specify. For a general understanding of smart contracts there is ample material out there on the subject. Perhaps start with the Wikipedia article
  • danielgold20danielgold20 Member Posts: 27
    smart contracts in general
    what are those what is special in them
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    Unlike paper contracts which require external enforcement such as legal systems and law enforcement to punish people for cheating (if they are caught at all), a smart contract can be self enforcing. The conditions of an agreement can be written in code and execute predefined behaviours depending on whether those conditions are met or not at some future time.

    Storing smart contracts on a blockchain means that no one can tamper with those conditions once the contract is deployed.
  • danielgold20danielgold20 Member Posts: 27
    when you say paper contract you mean for example a contract between you & me? and then if I ( or you ) want to cheat we can but in smart contract it can be done?

    And when you say smart contract what do you mean? for example smart contract : if Party A do something then the contract in no longer relevant?

    Can you give please give an example so I can understand ?
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