Something real wrong with client SYNC PROCEDURE. It always stuck\restart.

I have latest Ethereum client and a 20M connection.

It's 7 days, yeah, 7 days that I am trying to full sync the client but something ALWAYS goes wrong.

After a network error after 3 days now, strangely I can "launch application" even if sync has restarted totally from 0 blocks (of 3.7XX.XXX).

And if I am remembering correctely after block sync there is also chain sync that will take even more days.

So I think there is something wrong with this, this discourages new users, it makes also unusable your platform.

I think the entire procedure has to be rethinked at least partially, there should be sync step, seeing also most of the time peers are slow or not available.

Now I am at 8XX.XXX/3.XXX.XXX blocks, so many days still left, I can't see even my ETH deposited through your preview.

Sometimes the client showed me 50%, once even 85%, I restarted it and it came back to 0.

Please solve the thing. That is not a thing to be expected from "new world money\contracts".


  • patjkpatjk Member Posts: 8
    I'm having the same issue. Running 0.8.10 for OSX, and I've had my computer on for days and still at 1,8xx,000 out of 3,7xx,xxx. What's the best to send ETH from my wallet? I have to wait for this to sync, but unsure if it will ever sync or if I'll run out of space before then. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  • fracasfracas Member Posts: 2
    Ok, I think it's definetely a joke\a scam. I uninstalled everything and deleted all forlders. I reinstalled latest Ethereum Wallet, I have redone download for days... at the end... it just restarted from 0!

    Same thing for Mist Wallet 0.8.10.

    Stay away from this. Ethereum has no future. They can't even make a decent Wallet\sync process. It's just speculation.
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