missing eth tokens, sent from main to test

Recently I learned of edgeless.io and their beta version of blackjack. Intrigued, I sent 5.22 ether from my desktop wallet to the generated wallet inside of the edgeless.io beta version website. The address says it is on the Ropsten network. I have the correct password but I still show no balance 15 hours later.

Now after researching this a bit it seems like I sent money from the real ethereum network to a test network and it will require some technical knowhow to recover the 5.22 ether back to the main network.

Here is the transaction: https://etherchain.org/tx/0x28982b5e859edf9abac7be382c4073b731d89b9bbfe8e8b0bb54d4849ef011d2

Can anyone provide clarity on how to do this?


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