Cannot run geth on grsec linux

Hi y'all...

I'm returning to my attempts to install ethereum . Seems way easier now than it was a year ago!

But I now have a more difficult install to do.

I am installing on the Subgraph OS, which uses the debian stretch kernel hardened with grsecurity.
I mention this because of the error I get when trying to run geth (after make geth (from go-ethereum) apparently installed without errors):

error while loading shared libraries: cannot make segment writable for relocation: Permission denied

Googling the error seems to suggest that the error is due to something in the make using TEXTRELs, which are barred by grsecurity.

I've seen a lot of stuff about running mist on gentoo, so I'm confused why this is a problem.
Mist is what I am aiming to run eventually, which is why I went for geth.

Does anyone have any wisdom at all to contribute here? Even if not a full answer, maybe more options I could try?

kernel is 4.8.15-grsec-amd64
go is go1.7.4 linux/amd (though I believe it was from a tarball labelled 1.81)
ethereum was installed using apt from the ethereum ppa.

mist failed to install through go, due some bug involving GOPATH preventing GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT from being unset,
so I installed the above components.

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