Adding GPU but not increasing Hash Rate

DavidStantonDavidStanton Member Posts: 5
Hello all,
I am rather new to this forum and I am more than willing to help in any way that I can

However, at this point I'm afraid I am lost. :)

I set up my rig and added only two GPU Radeon 480's One gives me a hash rate of 20.66 no matter what I do. So I added a second Radeon 480 and now the hash rate is 25.50 sometimes. It fluctuates between 20.66 and 25.50 But mostly on 20.66

Are there any videos, links, or advice to help out on this. I guess my real question is how to add gpu's to the motherboard. btw. all drivers are updated.

Thanks in advance to all my new friends.

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