Help: I sent BTC to the wrong address

alienmoney111alienmoney111 Member Posts: 1

I first wanted to buy Ether with X amount (i forgot how much) of BTC. At Step 5, it gave me the BTC address: 1ExX8ZJn9dxUUArtRWnXcVoTBKMG5HvhT7. But then I decided to buy with a little more BTC, so I closed that window and I re-started the process. Again at Step 5 and it gave me a new BTC address: 1FaNoUn6phSqDygBNFUVNzGKJ1kVr5rAQk.

The problem is that by mistake, I sent my BTC to the first address that I canceled: 1ExX8ZJn9dxUUArtRWnXcVoTBKMG5HvhT7. But I'm supposed to send it to 1FaNoUn6phSqDygBNFUVNzGKJ1kVr5rAQk.

Can the people at Ethereum help me recover my 0.30197914 BTC?

Please help!!!

Thank You.


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