Compiler Compiler System Integration for Ethereum?

boldeagleboldeagle Member Posts: 1
Hey, I stumbled upon this software patent in the compilers space, recommended to me by a family friend. It's a bit over my head, goes deep into a compiler compiler generation system/architecture based on a unique parsing model that is not parsing tree. Has applications in obfuscation, and cross-platform compatibility. I was wondering if there may be any use in it in the Ethereum network? Does Ethereum have any history in the past integrating various compiler systems, or something similar?

I think given a custom language grammar as input, the compiler compiler can generate a compiler for that language. So then, this compiler can generate binaries for that language's particular source code, and then it's possible to access those binaries using various cross-compatible platforms, tools, and languages.

I thought since Ethereum has a way of generating bytecode information, maybe there would be some application to this.

If anyone is keen on taking a look at the whitepaper, and other resources, it is here:

Not sure what to expect, but if you have a liking for this sort of stuff, maybe of interest, would appreciate some feedback!

WARNING: A background in Computer Science is a must, especially good if you have Compilers background.
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