Looking into using Block chain to build a requirements tracking system. A few questions.

stultusstultus Member Posts: 2
I am looking into what it would take to record requirements in the block chain. For example if you were developing a software package and the stakeholders and developers were continuously creating and upgrading requirements. You would have parent and child relationships on several levels. There would need to be a Change management process and the information would need to be easily accessed and displayed or imported into existing software like Microsoft to create the required reports along the way. Also it would be nice to be able to add comments, see previous changes/states, and track progress toward completion.

-Is this something that would be fairly easily created with something like ethereum?

-Would you be able to secure it since it could be company sensitive or even classified material

-How could you query and display results or changes. for example if you wanted to track one requirement from creation date through all of the changes to the current state?

-Could you vote on proposed changes?

-How would it handle multiple people working on requirements change at the same time? Even the same requirement?

Everything I try to search for shows financial or crypto currency use cases and I can't find much on how this would actually be implemented, If it would be worth doing, and how you would do it. I have been watching etheruem and reading about it and it seems like a very interesting and incredibly powerful "eco system" of tech.
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