Coinbase not sending to Ether sale address, please advise.

andygough1974andygough1974 Member Posts: 8
I tried to buy ether today (i already bought some over the last few days, so I know how it works). When I sent the BTC to the address I was given via Coinbase a message flashed an error message and the transaction stayed in pending. After some time there was still no sign of it on the blockchain.

I contacted Coinbase, and they said they are indeed having technical problems right now. They were working on it. This means that if anyone is trying to buy ether right now via Coinbase they will have the same problem as me.

BUT...... I am on the ether page, waiting for the first sign of my transaction on the blockchain and its not happening, it clearly states on this page that:

DO NOT LEAVE THIS PAGE once you have sent bitcoin. When your bitcoin is received you will be taken to the next step.

So what can I do? I am in total limbo here, I cant leave the page until my transaction confirms, if it ever will, I am using a bootable linux CD and I have to restart my PC into windows so I can go to work soon!



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