Help got golem stuck no gas

SwmontetonSwmonteton Member Posts: 1

I know this sounds terrible but I got 1585 golems stuck in myetherwallet I thought I could pay the gas charge with golem but that is not the case. I'm hoping someone will give me the gas to get my coins out and I can pay u when I get them out. I know this sounds like possible horse crap but it really isn't more than a couple cents I need to get them out.

I would really appreciate it i have no money to buy more Ether to get them out anytime soon.
I will try my best to pay it forward for anyone in a similar issue .

Thanks again


I know this is my first post so apologies ahead of time and I was Shur where to put it . I guess I could pay u in back in golem or ether trchnically.

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