Fan on 1 month old EVGA 1000 G3 died

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Wow! The fan on one of my nearly new PSU died today - it's now emitting a nasty grinding noise that appears to be coming from the motor (it doesn't catch the blades on anything. Sometimes the fan doesn't come on at all - other times it grinds.

Will have to try and send it back tomorrow! This is very disappoint.


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    yea the G3 are not like the G2
    go check jonnyguru review on them
    they are essentially trying to sell cheaper PSU on the coat tails of the reputation of G2 at the same prices
    evga has been goin downhill past few years
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    mmmm, Jonnyguru gave 1000W G3 a 9.8/10
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    This is the thing I don't get. The reviews are so good on the EVGA PSU that's why I started buying EVGA (had always used bequiet before that)

    I thought EVGA cheaper than be quiet but seem as good. Seems not, you get what you pay for after all. Hope my G2 1300w is reliable!
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    ahh i didnt check the jonnyguru review on these just assumed from the other reviews it would be around 7.5-8.5
    but yea they cheaped out on parts according to a number of reviewers
    i think jonnyguru is going downhill anyways
    im reading a comment from the G3 review
    "This thing even gives the Rosewill Quark 1000W at $149.99 a run for the same efficiency level"
    the rosewill quark is no where near the same quality as a corsair rm1000x
    i know cuz ive owned a quark and i still own 2 rm1000x
    and this comment
    "The only thing is, for not much more you have a Seasonic Platinum 1050, EVGA PS, and Thermaltake DPS G that takes away a little bit from the value"
    thermaltake are fine tier2 PSU even some bridge into tier 1 but none are comparable to even just G2 let alone putting in the same area as seasonic plat

    i have G2s GQs and GSs that have all been running 24/7 for almost a year now i dont think u gotta worry
    but yea i bought those evga based on jonnyguru reviews and now it seems i might have misplaced my trust
    if u have a microcenter in ur area they are a corsair refurb distributor, i only buy refurb corsair plats now for sometimes half the price
    and as long as u get the warranty if they fail u can get what u paid as credit and get another lol
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    I had the same feelings as you are having with EVGA. I bought a 1000P2 thinking it would be better. It died after a week. I had a replacement sent from Newegg that I didn't try for a couple months after I got it. It was DOA! Had to send it to EVGA for a replacement and they did with question. It has been running for 5 months non-stop. Good thing it has 10 year warranty.
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    Yeh I'll have to send this back next week. I'd prefer them not to fail at all the BeQuiet Dark power pro's I've got are absolutely bulletproof & come with better connectors/cables too so I think may go back to them!
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