Conversion of USD to ETH

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I was curious if there has been any thought on how to convert USD into ETH easily (something similar to how coinbase works) when ethereum launches? I searched the forums, but did not find much relating to the topic.

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  • avsaavsa Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
    The team is focusing on building the basic platform, I suppose other teams will pop up and build decentralized exchanges on top of it.
  • BluefinBluefin Member Posts: 47
    You need a centralized operator as soon as you interface with fiat. No two ways about it.

    Fiat is a centralized economy. Crypto is decentralized. The two are immiscible and therefore to connect to Fiat, you need a centralized solution.
  • HappyGeorgeHappyGeorge Member Posts: 14
    Well, for the time being Ethereum is quite a centralized project, there is a pretty solid Swiss Corp behind it and a huge centralized dev group, finance group and so on

    Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea that they also offer the first (trusted) USD to ETH opportunity

    It would help all the new "gamblers" to sit and join in on all the action with the already well built, and trusted entity: "ETHEREUM CORP."
  • lajpatdhingralajpatdhingra India ThaneMember Posts: 11
    @HappyGeorge‌ so what you think these gamblers will do?
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