Content Creation Monetization , SOA and Ethereum

Hello !!

I have just joined the Ethereum group after attending a first meet up meeting of Sydney Ethereum enthusiasts.
I am interested in making wider use of the platform specially in the areas of B2B and even B2C transactions and in SOA [service oriented architecture] and IOT [internet of things] where device to device or B2B transactions can be done through ether then converted to real money at the end of interactions over a period.
With the generalized concept of contract in Ethereum it makes sense to bring the block chain to ensure that all transactions are carried out correctly and there could be specialized miners who carries on specific SOA services or data science services through the devices . I am also wondering about the possibility of domain specific block chains ? Any comments on this one?
Apart from that I am also interested in treating any act of creation [design, arts ,science] as a accumulation of efforts which can be traceable and awarded with ethers as indicated in my blog : about moods and chunks ! which I see as a potential bridge to the platform of freedom for arts and science and also design in general.
As Ethereum experts , do you see any potential and benefits in this approach ?
I have not gone to any deeper level in a technical sense in the Ethereum architecture ; but my first encounter of the contract definitions etc has kindled and re vitalized my interest in bringing some decentralization of SOA space - after all that was the promise ,as far I can see, that SOA had before it got lost in the world of managing WSDL and governance etc. ..which we are slowly recovering from through the use of more responsive Json and REST etc.
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