r9 290/390 2x 8pin pcie power cables

oAPMooAPMo Member Posts: 97
Hey guys, I got 3x r9 390 that has 1x 8pin and 1x 6pin and I want to buy another brand (nitro sapphire) that has 2x 8pin but my PSU only has 2x8pin and 2x 6pin (750W superflower golden green). So 750W would go for 2x r9 390, I know that it can easily supply the power but can I physically plug the 6pin power cable into the 8pin pcie socket on the gpu itself ? As I understand, the 8pin vs 6pin has the same amount of +12V but it has 2 more GND. Should be enough power, I'm supplying the pcie riser too with a thick wire directly soldered to a molex wire (cut before the connector of the molex).


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