Rig won't start unless PSU capacitors have been drained, anyone else?

newfullusernewfulluser Member Posts: 21
I have a weird problem when turning off the rig from windows, it won't turn on when pressing the power button or plugging it to the mains (the motherboard has power on automatically enabled).
It works when I let the psu rest unplugged and pressing the power button for about 40 seconds.

If someday the power fails and comes back fast (like it usually does) computer won't start because capacitors didn't drain.

Does anyone have the same problem or knows a fix so the computer will start when it gets power, no matter how charged the capacitors are?

  • The PSU spins the fan for about 30 seconds after being unplugged from the wall.
  • PSU fan always spins fast and loud, amazon customers say their psu's are silent most of the time, so maybe it's defective.
  • PSU Lepa G1600
  • x3 MSI 470 4GB (three more coming soon)
  • Ashrock PRO BTC R2.0
  • Intel Celeron G1840
  • 4GB Kingston Hyper x
  • Seagate 1TB


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