How to put 1 GPU for mining and other for gaming.

I'm currently working with 2 GPU's on my computer, i'm looking for some help to put 1 for working (mining) and other for gaming, anybody know something about?


  • leelaam13leelaam13 Member Posts: 18
    if you're using Claymore, add new command (read in readme.txt file)

    -di GPU indexes, default is all available GPUs. For example, if you have four GPUs "-di 02" will enable only first and third GPUs (#0 and #2).
    Use "-di detect" value to detect correct GPU order for temperatures management (requires non-zero "-tt" option); note that it will not work properly if you do not want to assign all GPUs to miner (add "-gmap" option to fix it).
    You can also turn on/off cards in runtime with "0"..."9" keys and check current statistics with "s" key.

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