Newbie Mining - Recommendations and Questions

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I'm sorry if this is a repeat on the forums, I've tried to do my due diligence here and think I've done a lot of research but still have some open ended questions.

Currently, I'm looking a putting together a 6 GPU Rig. The specs are the following:

1. Motherboard : 6x of XFX RX-480P836BM AMD Radeon RX 480 RS 8GB GDDR5
2. Processor : Intel Core i3 Processor 3.7
3. Motherboard : ASRock ATX DDR3 1333 LGA 1150 Motherboards FATAL1TY Z97 KILLER (Was going to get H97 or H81 but all discontinued and this one was next viable option but little more pricey..)
4. Standard SSD Drive 120GB
5. Case is Prebuilt PallalelMining Rig - ALL ALUMINIUM 6.1 GPU OPEN AIR MINING CASE W/ 6 USB RISERS + (1) 1200W PSU KIT (Seemed like most cost effective option besides DIY and after all said and done, would rather have someone else make then spend the time to build)

The rig itself is costing about $2,200 all together and based on preliminary research, mining etherium would result in about a 6 month ROI which would be stellar..

All my research suggests that I'll be doing about 150-160 MHz for mining with those GPU's and Etherium is likely the route I'm going to go.

My main questions is : I've seen a lot of people mining in Linux and Some in Windows 7 or 10.. I know windows 10 supports 6 graphics cards (not sure about 7) but are there any advantages or disadvantages of mining in either? I'm not much of a linux person and probably wouldn't know how to setup the drivers etc. to get optimum performance. Second questions is, I hear people talk about CGMiner a lot and that's supposed to be the "cream of the crop" thoughts on this? and my final question is for ROI and profit making, I heard PoW is better to go vs. PoS. Any suggestions here based on my rig? And that would really segway into my next question, solo mine or pool? Which would likely produce the most profit?
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