Wallet - Blockchain Sync - Slow? / Account Value 0.00


I had ether in my account. I wanted to send ether but the sync was not updating anymore. I thought it was because I used 0.8.8 and updated to 0.8.9. But the syncing is so slow :-(. I took already 3 days and its frustrating that i cant send anything before its synced.

The balance is still 0.00 ether with just more 119.418 blocks. Do i get the correct amount of ether, when all is download? Or did i do something wrong with the update?

So many questions. I hope someone can help :).

Thank you!


  • plizerplizer Member Posts: 13
    Is it normal that the blockchain takes about 4 days to download? How long do you need to sync it?
  • plizerplizer Member Posts: 13
    The question is what takes so long? Ethereum needs almost no bandwidth, 0,2% of the CPU, <1% of the memory. So the blockchain is 99% just waiting for things?

    Whould be great if someone can help me to understand it!
  • jysdyjysdy Member Posts: 4
    it is a ddos, thousands 'suicide' transaction on each block.

    my trying to download failed, 6 block per second too slow (3-4 month to go) using SSD, i think we can do it fast well using 128Gb RAM for tmpfs.
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