Noob question -- Trying to upload my first Solidity contract using geth on Mac OS X

hadilshadils Member Posts: 2
I am new to Ethereum. I have been reading everything available on the web. I have created a private network of one node on my laptop and want to upload a small test contract. I have the latest go-ethereum, solc, cpp-ethereum installed. I cannot get solidity to be recognized as my compiler. Any help would be really appreciated.



  • hadilshadils Member Posts: 2
    admin.setSolc("/usr/local/bin/solc"); does not work.
  • VladWulfVladWulf Member Posts: 8
    Hey hadils,

    Did you use homebrew?
    I would recommend using geth version < 1.6, it has a built-in solidity compiler.

    I am afraid that with v 1.6 you will have to use solc in command line and actually compile the contract manually.
    I personally wont't use v1.6 unless Ethereum guys fix their built-in solidity compiler.
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