What role will ethereum play in the internet of things and sutainable energy internet?

What role with ethereum play in the internet of things and sustainable energy internet and how wil this affect the exchange value of ether?


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    @cuddaloreappu‌ -- that's a very loaded and complex question. I'll try to take a stab at it for ya. Note that I'm just a huge fan of Ethereum, not a member of the team (yet!). :)

    First, the value of ether is a reflection of the value of applications built on top of it.

    Second, the 'internet of things' is an unfortunately nebulous concept that begets too many ideas in the same phrase, but the very idea of decentralized applications is what ETH is being built by the massively talented DEV team to address. Every object could conceivably have an IP/ETH address and be responsive to external stimuli through the use of scripted contracts -- computing will indeed be embedded in everyday objects and ETH will help accelerate that trend.

    Third, presumably 'sustainable energy internet' is referring to the distribution of energy production, closer to the source of consumption, using methods that have lower externalities (pollution, in this case). At present the limiting factor of consumer adoption would be the relatively high cost when compared to current means of production, which has little to do with ETH. If I'm misunderstanding what you mean, jump in!

    In short ... YES! :stuck_out_tongue:
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    I believe the success of the internet of things and the blockchain go hand in hand. For me, I won't trust the internet of things unless each and every machine to machine interaction is tracked on a decentralized ledger. Feel so strongly about this I'll want to unplug from everything that is not documented on the block chain. If my car is talking to the highway I want to have access to that conversation.

    There will need to be mixing services to protect private travel and this is where local government (acting as true civil servant) should strive to host nodes and act as mixing services with the vision that their responsibility is to protect and serve and stand proxy for all citizens within its lawful boundaries. Community building around the blockchain is the benefit that simply can't be valued in dollars.

    Regarding 'exchange value', I believe Ethereum's code release will be like a spark plug igniting some gas - no telling what gear the vehicle will be in but I expect exchange values of all coins will rise upon Ethereum successes.
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    Simple answer: Ethereum will crush everything! B)
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