Can the pyethsaletool be used to buy Ether for the first time?

jph108jph108 Member Posts: 7
I have downloaded the Python Ether sale script. Would it be possible for someone knowledgeable to confirm that this is the correct way to use the script, even if buying Ether for the first time?

1. Use "python genwallet" to generate a wallet
2. Use "python getbtcaddress" to output the intermediate Bitcoin address you need to send funds to
3. Send funds to the intermediate bitcoin address (from Coinbase, for example).
4. Use "python finalize" to finalize the funding process once you have deposited to the intermediate address
5. Use "python getethaddress" to output the Ethereum address
6. Use "python getethprivkey" to output the Ethereum private key

Will this process work without providing an email address? I would like to keep my wallet private because I can't delete email from the email server I will use.

Thanks for any advice.

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