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How about waking up at the scheduled time and be rewarded by doing it? ;)

A solution to a common problem. is a Smart Alarm Clock that motivates the user to wake up on time, rewarding them with Bitcoin. If the user does not wake up at the specified time a small amount of Bitcoin, preconfigured by the user, would begin to leak into our system and at the end of the month over 90% of funds from these leaks would be divided among users who have managed to wake up at the scheduled time.
Crowdfunding page is now live! A Decentralized Application within Syscoin Blockchain that rewards users in BTC.
In addition our App will also integrate with Google Calendar and other similar tools, letting you know all day of your appointments.
We are working on a User Experience where our application will also act as a bridge to non-crypto users, enabling common payment methods and converting to Bitcoin, teaching users in a simple and intuitive way about cryptocurrency.
I invite you all to visit our page and help us bring to life. I am happy to be part of crypto community and I believe that together we can make a real difference.


I believe that regardless of what Blockchain is used, smart contracts should be promoted, and we need to bring the security and transparency it provides us.
Today I work 360º on ​, from development to social media. I am also an entrepreneur, so far all the costs related to the project are being financed by me and not through donations. We intend to use the funds generated by the crowdfunding campaign on June 5th after separating 20% of the funds that will be split among the first users. Recently I hired a Back-End specialist that will assist me to build the API, that will integrate in a near future with Syscoin’s Javascript API, which was developed by Dan Wasyluk CEO of BlockchainFoundry. Unlike an ICO or other means of raising funds, we have decided to show our idea to the community, and we have had a good feedback so far, in addition to a large number of visits to our crowdfunding page, emails and shares in social networks, we also received our first donations.
Every donation, however big or small, has the same importance for us, our motivation is to know that the crypto community is supporting our idea.

Neylor Zaurisio
Founder -

We are happy to announce that on May 19th, we will launch a new website, featuring our prototype and our new visual identity.

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That's the essence of it. Simple.

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